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Greeting Card Designing and Printing

Greeting Card Printing: Personal Marketing Tools
Not too many businesses think of using greeting cards as part of their advertising strategy. However, more and more companies are incorporating this very effective technique into their marketing campaigns. That is because greeting cards can be terrific marketing tools. They are far more personal than most advertising items. Even among common direct mailing tools, such as postcards and brochures, greeting cards are very powerful. Consider designing a greeting card printing campaign as part of your future marketing strategy.

When to Print Greeting Cards
There are some obvious times when sending greeting cards can be a good idea for your business. And then there are some less common times when sending greeting cards can really have a tremendous impact on your customers.

You can design different greeting card printing projects to produce different types of greeting cards. Here are some suggested ways to use your marketing greeting cards:

  • Send greeting cards during holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • Use greeting cards to tell past customers “thank you” for their business.
  • Promote an upcoming event or sale with a greeting card campaign.
  • Use a greeting card to ask customers for feedback or for a referral.

Greeting Cards (5 x 7 folded) and Note Cards (4.25 x 5.5 folded) are a perennial favorite. To make the most of your color images, your cards can be printed on 120# dull matte or 100# uncoated cover stock, all good for handwritten inscriptions, or on 120# gloss cover stock, glossy on both sides. You can either leave the inside of your card blank, or have a message printed in black or color. All greeting and note cards come scored to make folding easy. We'll fold them for you for a slight additional charge.

Rack Cards Designing and Printing

Rack Cards are commonly used to promote tourism and travel-related businesses. We offer one-sided or two-sided rack cards, printed on your choice of our three sturdy cover stocks. And, our clear, crisp printing will make your cards stand out from the crowd.

Rack cards are typically found in display racks in hotels, rest stops, tourist bureaus and airports.  Display rack cards are an excellent marketing tool for businesses such as restaurants and tourist attractions.  Full color rack cards help promote your business to tourists and business travelers alike. 

Details: Rack Cards 

  • Full color orinting on one or both sides
  • Four stock options plus plastic
  • Three standard sizes, with custom trimming option available

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Postcard Designing and Printing

Full Color Postcards are a great way to promote your business! Inexpensive to print and cheap to mail, they can form the core of a marketing campaign. We offer one-sided or two-sided cards, in six popular sizes. Your postcards will be printed on your choice of our three different high-quality cover stocks. (Many printers use rough uncoated stock for the back side.) And, you have the option of brilliant four-color process printing on one side or both sides.

We can mail your postcards directly to your customers and prospects. See our Mailing Services Guide page for details on how we can save you time and money on your direct mail brochure project and help you find new customers with customized mailing lists. We offer a choice of bulk mail or first class mail options. Call us with any questions on your mailing needs!

Postcard Printing as a Marketing Tool
You do not always think of postcard printing as related to advertising. Usually, you think of a printed postcards as something you send a friend or family member when you are on vacation. And, to be honest, that is what they are normally used for. But be careful not to overlook the power of postcard printing in marketing. If you have a mailing list of customers or potential customers, sending printed postcards to the people on your list can have a tremendous impact on your business. Consider planning a postcard printing project to add to your marketing strategy.

Postcard Printing Strategies
Postcard printing can deliver a powerful message to your customers at a very affordable price. When you design them with eye-catching images attention grabbing messages, they can deliver tremendous results for your company.

You can design different postcard printing projects to produce different types of postcards. Here are some suggested ways to use your marketing postcards:

  • Send printed postcards to loyal customers and ask them for referrals
  • Use postcard printing to announce an upcoming event or sale
  • Produce postcards to drive traffic to your website
  • Generate an email newsletter list by getting responses to your postcards
  • Send an offer to selected customers through a postcard

• Tell your customers thank you with a specially designed printed postcard

Calendar Designing and Printing

Print Calendars: A Lasting Advertisement
Of all the marketing materials your business uses, one of the only ones that stays with your customers for a long time is a calendar. When you give a calendar to a customer, they will use it all year long. Every time they look at it, they will see something relating to your business and your company. If you design your calendars properly, they can turn into long lasting and effective tools for your business. With Design Idea by your side, our next calendar printing project will be a success. We will help you produce a calendar that will bring in new customers for you all year long.

How Calendars Work
If you do not already use calendars, you should incorporate them into your marketing strategy. They can be very powerful tools that will increase your revenue stream by consistently bringing in new customers.

You can use your advertising calendars in a variety of ways. Here are a few suggestions for your next calendar printing project:

  • Design calendars with a different product displayed for each month
  • Give away calendars as a promotion
  • Use pictures of your loyal customers in your calendar to promote the feeling of camaraderie among your clientele

Calendars can be instantly priced and ordered using our Calendar ordering page. Choose either 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 or 8-1/2 x 11 sizes. Calendars are 4-Color throughout, 28 pages, saddle-stitched and have a hole drilled for hanging.

Hangers Designing and Printing

Door hangers are perfect when you want to target residential customers for pennies each. Print paper door hangers as a direct, simple, and effective advertising option that can help generate more business while you get a little exercise. 

Walk up and down the street around every job you finish and watch the phones ring.  Door hanger printing is also ideal for hotels and office buildings — anywhere your target customers are close together.

Details: Door Hangers 

  • Door hangers are die cut with a hole to fit on doorknobs
  • Full color on one or both sides
  • Pricing includes the option of full bleed
  • Two paper door hanger stocks plus plastic
  • Four door hanger sizes

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Hang Tag Designing and Printing

Hang tag printing is frequently used for clothing and other items in retail locations. Full color hang tags are an exceptional way to brand your retail merchandise while conveying a professional image. Hang tags help you promote your products and gain name recognition.       
Details: Hang Tags

  • Die cut holes for easy hanging
  • Full color on the front with color or blank back
  • Four hang tag paper options plus plastic
  • Four hang tag sizes

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  • Door Hangers:  Door Hangers
  • Note Pad Printing:  Custom Note Pads

Menu Designing and Printing

Full color print menus add style to any restaurant. The menu is one of the first things your customers see.  A well-designed menu conveys the atmosphere of your restaurant as well as information about your food.  Full color menu printing lets you showcase photographs of your dishes to whet the appetites of your diners.

Whether you are looking for an affordable way to print thousands of menus to mail to your neighbors,  magnetic menus  to stick on their refrigerators, or durable, washable plastic menu printing, Design Idea has the perfect solution.

Details:  Menus 

  • Seven substrate choices, including plastic and magnet
  • Eight standard sizes, with custom trimming option available
  • Eight folding options. Not all folding options are compatible with all sizes and substrates
  • Full color on the outside with color or blank insides

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  • Postcard Printing and Mailing:  Postcard Printing
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Sales Sheet Designing and Printing

Sales sheets and inserts can create interest and generate sales by attractively providing information about your business and displaying your products or services.  They are a great place to list important information you want to keep at your customers’ fingertips. Design Idea sell sheets and flyer printing give you the quality you need.
Details: Sales Sheets 

  • Five sales sheet paper choices, plus plastic
  • Nine standard sales sheet sizes, with custom trimming option available
  • Eight sales sheet folding options
  • Full color printing on one or both sides

Other Business Marketing Ideas

  • Brochure Printing:  Color Brochure Printing
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Table Tent Card Designing and Printing

Table tent cards are designed for advertising in places such as restaurants and hotels.  Whether you are promoting Surf ‘n’ Turf or this month’s pay-per-view movies, printing table tents is a great way to market to hotel and restaurant guests and any place people congregate around a table.
Details: Table Tent Cards

  • Printed full color on the outside with blank inside
  • Die cut to stand on their own
  • L-Lock system keeps your table tents together
  • Three table tent paper choices, plus plastic
  • Size options represent the final two panels when folded

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